Lady (#590-17)

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Please help this sweet little Lady.  She is a 13 year old sweet girl whose owner passed away.  She is all alone and was taken to the shelter.  She’s a small little 32 lbs so would do nicely in an home or an apartment.  She walks nicely on a leash, appears housebroken, and takes treats gently.  She is so happy to be with people wagging her tail when you call her name.  Lady is so confused and lost without her human companion.  Please do not let this sweet calm little Lady die all alone in a chilly shelter after providing a lifetime of love.  Please be a foster, or adopt Lady to provide her a comfy warm home to give back the love and joy that she has so unselfishly provided unconditionally for the last 13 years.  For she knows not where the love her owner shared for her went, why she is on a hard cold floor, or where she will spend the rest in her senior years.  If you cannot foster or adopt please help us find someone who can before it is too late.  Please put the word out about this sweet girl in need. 

Update 5/15/17 :It was determined that Lady had a great number of ailments which would necessitate extensive surgery.  Based on her age and physical condition, she would have not survived well.   To ease her pain and suffering,  we let her cross the Rainbow Bridge in peace.   She did not go alone, MACSPRO was there for her final breaths. 

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