Become a Guardian Angel

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We have a surrogate parenting program available which is fun and helps save a life of a Shar-Pei. We ask that you become a "Guardian Angel" to one of our rescue dogs, listed on our web page, by sending in a monthly pledge amount that helps to pay for a rescued Shar-Pei food, upkeep, and medical attention while the Shar-Pei is in foster care until a permanent home can be found. Our Guardian Angels are caring people just like you who help us rescue dogs by providing transportation, medical care, foster homes, and cash donations to support our work.

To become a Guardian Angel, simply view our rescue page for available dogs, decide which one(s) you would like to sponsor, fill out our Guardian Angel application and then send it in, along with your donation for that particular dog. Each sponsorship is good for one month. In appreciation of your donation, you will receive a history and photo of your sponsored Shar-Pei. You can check our web page to see if the dog has been adopted that month, and, if not, choose to continue the Guardian Angel program or choose to be an Angel to another dog the next month.

Click here to fill out a Guardian Angel application.