Donate Your Time: Be a Volunteer!

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If you cannot make a cash contribution, but would like to volunteer your time, our volunteers help in areas such as fund-raising, transporting dogs, education help, and administrative support.

You must be 18 years or older with transportation to volunteer.

We currently need volunteers in the following areas:

  • House Checks: We need someone that will be willing to travel within the local area to potential adopters homes and give a home interview. 
  • Phone Calling: We need volunteers to make phone calls to conduct initial phone interviews with prospective adopters and to follow up with new owners. 
  • Foster Homes: We are in desperate need of foster homes.
  • Transportation: We often need to pick up a dog that has been abandoned, and transport the dog to the vet or the foster home. 
  • Dog Training: If you are a trained obedience handler, we would love to have your help with training and socializing our dogs. 
  • Dog Food: We are always in need of new bags and/or cans of dog food.

It is a great feeling to be able to save the lives of the many abandoned Shar-Pei and to help support the rescue process. If you can donate a few hours each week, or are interested in helping with any of the above tasks, please give us a call. If it weren't for volunteers, we wouldn't be here and many homeless dogs that could otherwise have a wonderful home full of love, would be needlessly put down.

Our volunteers are required to sign a Volunteer Agreement and Release Form. To view or print our Volunteer Agreement and Release Form, click here.