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How would you like your MACSPRO Rescue Pei gracing the cover of our 2024 calendar?  Well, here is your opportunity!  MACSPRO will be awarding the cover of the 2024 calendar (a $100 value) to the best Shar-Pei photo and adoption story submission.    


  1. Submit up to 3 photos of your MACSPRO Rescue, preferably a good quality, full body pose without anything blocking them.  
  2. Submit a story (maximum 150 words) about your MACSPRO rescue.  It can be their story before adoption, or his life after he found his forever home.   Examples:  Likes/dislikes, funny quirks, relationship with the family, humorous experiences, etc.    
  3. Winners will be judged on the Shar-Pei in the picture, not the background.  The background may be changed, so we just need quality pictures of your Pei, regardless of the background. 
  4. All entries will be considered for the remainder of the calendar.  Applicants are encouraged to pick the month they want their pei to be displayed in.  There is a $50 fee for each month of the calendar, which helps defray the cost of printing the calendars.   
  5. Entries can be emailed to:
  6. The deadline for entries is October 15, 2023.   
  7. Entries will be judged by an independent Shar-Pei knowledgeable person. 
  8. The winner will be notified by October 31, 2023. 


Once again, we have to ask for your help in keeping our rescue going.    We are still trying to get out from under the vet and boarding bills encountered last year when we had to board numerous dogs due to lack of foster care.    We are still boarding Evan, and we have not received any applications or interest in him.  

Your donation goes a long way in helping our rescue pei.  As everyone is very well aware, vet costs have gone up and the few dogs we have taken in required extensive surgery and vet care.   We are also unable to take in any rescue dogs without a foster or adopter lined up to take the dog immediately.    We were successful in an owner surrender puppy, who need eye, nose, hernia and spay surgery.   She was fostered by our President, Betty in January and after getting her fixed up, she was adopted in March by a former adopter who recently lost his pei.  

Without donations, volunteers and foster homes, we cannot survive as a rescue.   This is not something exclusive to our rescue.   A lot of other rescues are suffering post-covid, not just shar-pei rescues.   Dogs are continually being surrendered to shelters or posted on social media that are one to two years old.   These dogs were adopted during covid and many folks’ life situations have changed and they no longer can keep the dogs they previously adopted.  

We are currently looking at fund raising events and other ideas to generate revenue for our rescue, now that things are almost back to normal, but we still need help from our shar-pei community.    

Please consider your tax-deductible donation to our organization.   Every dollar donation is greatly appreciated.  



A Huge Thank You!!!

Thank You for all the generous donations we received from our last call for help!    We were able to meet our $2500 matching funds goal, and the monies collected have been applied to our outstanding vet and boarding bills from last year.    We still have bills and are always in need of any donation.    We appreciate all the support we receive from everyone so that we can continue to Save the Pei!!!

Please, please if you can dip into your pockets to help, it would be greatly appreciated.  Remember, 100% of all monies received go to these Pei and are tax-deductible!  

Please click donate button or mail to
MACSPRO Box 881 Olney, MD 20832



MACSPRO $2500 Match going on NOW!!!!!


We totally rely on donations to keep this rescue going.  Without your generosity, we cannot continue to help save these dogs.   If you have already donated this year we thank you with the upmost gratitude. 

Please, please if you can dip into your pockets to help make this campaign a great success it would be greatly appreciated.  Remember; 100% of all monies received go to these Pei and are tax deductible!  

Please clock donate button or mail to
MACSPRO Box 881 Olney, MD 20832

MACSPRO 2023 calendars are ready to order!!!!

2023 Calendars are available for $27 each.

Shipping is as follows:

$4 for 1

$5 for 2

$6 for 3 or more


We can ship to different addresses for you. 

Please pay via paypal  and PLEASE ENTER ADDRESS AND HOW MANY CALENDARS YOU WANT IN NOTES SECTION so you can tell difference between calendar order and donations.

Mail check with address to mail calendar(s) to:   PO Box 881  Olney, MD 20832


The Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar Pei Rescue Operations takes in dogs from local and distant shelters and owner surrenders only.    We are not involved in dog auctions that sell confiscated dogs from puppy mills.   Most of these occur in the Midwest, we do not have the ways or means (or money) to travel out there.   As most of you already know, we rely entirely on donations to rescue, rehab and place these saved pei in their forever homes.   In all truth, there are more than enough dogs needing rescue in our local, DC, Maryland and Virginia shelters and we do our best to get them out.  

We have brought in dogs from Puerto Rico (there are actually two waiting to come to Maryland) with the help of rescues in Puerto Rico who get the necessary vetting for travel and provide the transportation up here.

As always, 100% of the donations we receive go to the dogs.  Our volunteers spent their own time, money and gas to retrieve these dogs in need and take them to and from the vet appointments. 
Fosters who help us provide the food and love the pei need to help their over come the traumatic circumstances that caused them to be homeless.

We truly appreciate all the monetary help provided by our supporters over the years and can only continue with your help.   Please consider donating today to MACSPRO.

Look at Wally (previously Remington) on PetWants Food!!!!!!

When Wally named in honor of Washington Wizards point guard John Wall came to us in need of much medical attention and his coat was really bad.  It was very thin, missing, irritated and so hard and course which was so sad because he is such as sweet loving boy greeting you with a nearly bald wagging tale and little body.  After some medicated shampoo's and being on #PetWants dog food for over a month check him out now!  We have used PetWants on a previous MACSPRO dog and after a week you can see and feel a difference with bald spots filling in and course coats getting softer and softer until it's like velvet.  One of our volunteers switched to PetWants after the food that was being used changed their ingredients and her shar-pei did not respond well with her allergies and chronic skin condition.  She switched to PetWants food and she improved leaps and bounds with soothing her skin from irritation, itchy, red and bald spots making life good again.

A big thanks to Nick, Ashley & Rashad for providing updates and taking such excellent care of their newest family member!!!!

End of January 2018 after arriving at MACSPRO and being on PetWants for about 2 weeks

After being on PetWants for a little over a month. (I know he looks brown in one and black in another but both is our little Wally)


Help MACSPRO get a $500 Donation by walking your dog!

MACSPRO could win $500 with the new WoofTrax Walk & Win Challenge!

Please join the WoofTrax Walk & Win Challenge on the free Walk for a Dog app and their next walk could earn MACSPRO an EXTRA $500 donation. Sharing the challenge will also increase your number of active walkers to increase your regular WoofTrax donations.

Walk for a Dog users simply join the challenge on the app and then complete the challenge by taking at least 10 walks by November 30, 2017, and then every walk they take during the challenge will count as an entry for MACSPRO to win an extra $500 donation.* More walks and more walkers equal a greater opportunity to earn $500.

Thank you for all you do for the animals,

* Walks greater than 1/4 of a mile count in the challenge.

January Update - New Pei and A Valentines Fundraiser

Candle Fundraiser

MACSPRO is teaming up with One Fur All to do a 2 week Candle Fundraiser.  Starting January 23rd and ending on February 6th, come back here to or check out our event on Facebook to get our unique referral link. When you shop with our link MACSPRO will receive 20% of all net sales (excluding shipping).  One Fur All has candles, wax melt and other air fresheners.  

Recent Success 

Cooper went to his furever home just in time for Christmas.  Tryke made it to Florida and will spend his remaining senior years in the warm weather with other senior pei to play with. 

Check out our website for more success stories that you may have missed.

New Pei

We've started the new year off right, We've got three new Pei joining us. Brandi is coming more out of her shell each day. She was surrendered due to medical costs associated with her skin condition.

Brandi collage

Doobu and Sori are bonded and are looking for a furever home that could take them both.


Doobu is a very outgoing, friendly dog.


Sori is a little shy.

Current Pei    

  • Harley (formerly known as Bonsai) was a stray from New Jersey and is in need of a foster/forever home. He is a sweet boy that tolerates other dogs.
  • Ella is waiting at the kennel for a foster or forever home to play with her and give her some treats & love.  Shy girl who takes a little bit to warm up to strangers.   She’s a smaller apartment size pei who loves her toys.    
  • MaiMai Is also very sweet girl who also needs a foster or forever home too. She’s 6 years old and had a rough previous life and could use a loving home and someone to snuggle up with. 
  • Ace is an 8 month old very sweet shar-pei mix that was in very rough shape and is on his way to getting healthy. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him! He has a foster home, but is looking for a forever home!
  • Brandi is coming more out of her shell each day. She was surrendered due to medical costs associated with her skin condition.
  • Doobu and Sori are bonded and are looking for a furever home that could take them both. Doobu is a very outgoing, friendly dog. Sori is a little shy.
  • Mindy was in terrible shape when she was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico.  She has overcome her sad past and transformed into a healthy and loving girl. We are waiting for a foster home for Mindy before we can bring her in from Puerto Rico. 

Print out our January Flyer and share it on your local community boards.

Upcoming Events

Help us Save More Peibies 

We are proud that 100% of all donations received are used to directly support our dogs and are used to provide food, shelter, transportation and veterinary care expenses.

Call for Photos

Are you a foster, adopter or volunteer?  Do you have any photos of current or former MACSPRO pei?  Send them to us so we can use them in our email, newsletter and website.