Dolly (#606-18)

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Dolly is a very sweet young girl, looking for her forever home.   She had her entropin and spay surgery and is recuperating nicely.   An experienced shar pei person is recommended to help her become a better pet indoors.    

A message from Dolly...


Hi, I’m Dolly (also  known as Doll-Face, Dollywood, Mush-Mouth, Saggy-Knees and Dollicious).  Foster mom says I have lots of love names and that’s okay, ‘cause I love ‘em all!  I was adopted by a great lady who would have kept me, but her dogs didn’t appreciate my joyful habit of jumping on them to initiate play.  I spent some time at a boarding facility and was very lonely until the rescue people found a trainer who said she would keep me till I found a family.  Apparently, I desperately needed to learn some manners and something they call “impulse control.”  I must be doing good because she’s got all those love names for me!

I love a good body massage and even sometimes a face rub but I’m not so fond of people touching my head without warning.  You see, I don’t see so good and it startles me when there is suddenly a hand on my head or face.  I’ve learned to respond by turning my head away, but it would be nice if my person could run interference for me and ask strangers to touch my body instead of my head.  Also, I try really hard to be patient, but I don’t like being man-handled, so baths, nail-clipping, vet visits and things like that are sometimes difficult for me.  I really need someone who will recognize when I start feeling uncomfortable and give me a little break.  I used to reach up and grab invading hands with my mouth, but now I know other ways of responding, so I don’t do that anymore.  I also liked to jump up to greet people, but my trainer taught me to sniff their legs or sit instead.  Now I sit when I want something, even if no one tells me to!  My trainer says I’m a rock star (whatever that is).  I love walks around the neighborhood and have learned to walk right next to my person, but I sometimes get excited and pull when we go somewhere new.  I also love stuffed toys, squeaky balls, running in the yard and doing zoomies around the dining room table.  Fun, fun, fun!

I’ve been happy with my trainer and her family but she tells me there is someone out there who love me to the moon and back and share their heart, treats, couch and maybe even their bed with me.  Could that be you?"

Dolly’s trainer and foster says:

"Dolly is a beautiful shar-pei who LOVES being with “her" people but also likes meeting strangers (as long as they keep their hands out of her face).  She is sweet and affectionate but does demand respectful handling.  (For this reason, she is not a good fit for families with children.)  The more she feels her handler understands her and responds with patience, the more trusting and cooperative she is.  Positive training has provided a way for her humans to communicate with her without having to push her around.  She has really appreciated this and has grown leaps and bounds, becoming a much more cooperative dog.  She loves training, and needs an adopter who will continue it with her so she can be the best dog she can be.

Dolly also likes other dogs and wants to play with them, but has no idea how to initiate play respectfully.  This makes her a poor match for adopters with dogs.  In the past dogs have fled from her, avoided her completely, or fought with her.  She can learn more appropriate social skills (as she has with humans), but it would require time, dedication on the part of her adopters and a willingness to work with a trainer with special knowledge in this area.

Dolly is a really special girl looking for just the right home.  She is not one of those easy-peasy dogs that can handle anything you throw at her, but she is a real love who will make the right person very happy and so proud!"

UPDATE:  Dolly’s found her forever home with Michelle & Jeff in Huntington, MD.

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