Minnie and Dexter

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Minnie and Dexter

Attention Chinese Shar-Pei lovers: Meet Minnie and Dexter! They are an adapted, small pack and will always be together. 

Minnie’s Bday is July 2018 and is 35 lbs. She is alert/aware, playful, jovial, and loves her people. She likes attention and butt scratches, and is great with children, and with most people after smelling them and checking them out. She is spayed, and in good health.   Minnie is Dexter’s great aunt

Dexter’s is July 2019 and is currently 54 lbs. He’s he’s a big gentle good boy! He loves food and butt scratches, and laying around after a good walk! He is neutered and in good health. 

Both are up to date on their shots.  

Due to an unfortunate accident (car vs pedestrian), I am unable to physically care for the dogs for at least the next year. My family and I have made peace with re-homing them, and we are looking for the right family for these wonderful companions.   

If you know you can give these wonderful beings the right love, attention and environment, then please contact me, Wes, by text at 443-782-5489

Thanks for reading, I know the right family will find them