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Coco needs a new home.

11/2021 Owner was able to work it out so Coco could stay :)
Coco is a 5 year old spayed female Shar-Pei/Boxer mix rescue from MACSPRO.

She is a wonderful dog. Great with people, does extremely well on Invisible Fence even with other dogs, people, kids going by.
Great car rider, loves visits to Home Depot. Life has been really good over the last 3 and 1/2 years with and 2 other SharPei.
All 3 spayed girls have been great, free in the house when I'm not here, sleeping on bed all together, Car Rides all together.
Also, does good at the Vet, and no issues going to Groomer including nail trims.
She is in great health, up to date on all vaccines.
Why I'm I rehoming?
A bad fight happened for the first time between Dottie and Coco. Dottie is stubborn and didn't backoff, I had to physically get in between and restrain Dottie, Coco then ran away.
However with this recent event, I cannot take the chance of this happening again, as Dottie is truly stubborn.
It breaks my heart to even think she won't be here in the house, but I am putting my feelings aside because I want for her to be in the best home possible without stress.
She is very smart, easy to train, loves toys, and would be a great companion, preferably with someone who works from home or is retired and can really bond with her.
She responds wonderfully to positive reinforcement.
Hopefully you'll be the right fit to give my Dear Coco a continued quality of life that she has with me now.

Contact Meg at 336-870-6110

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