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Raisin was my first pup. I got him at 3 months of age. That was ten years ago. He had never been left alone and so when I left him to go to work I came home to a wreaked house, and a worn out puppy asleep in the bathroom. I went out and bought a dog playpen and within minutes he had learned to climb it like a ladder. After that he was able to climb chainlink fences as well. He chewed every windowsill in the house and about once a year I had to show him who the alpha male was in the house.

All that said, he was my best friend. He was there wagging his tail and licking my face when I got home, he protected the house and property from intruders but welcomed them if I let them in the gate. He never had any medical problems and never gave me an ounce of trouble, so it was quite a shock when I learned just three months ago that he had an inoperable tumor. I thought for sure I would have him another 3 or 4 years, but this was not to be. He crossed over the rainbow bridge last week. I'll always miss him and he'll always be my best friend. 

-Jim Pearl