Mike, "Peludito"

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(April 03 - November 07)

In memory of the sweetest, smartest, most lovable pet and most loyal friend I have had. Mike was unique he came into my life from one day to the other, and left my life in the same way. I don't think he ever believed that he was just a dog, because he wasn't, there was always something about him, and now it's lacking. What is left now is only an essence of his strong, intelligent, kind, and determined personality, portrayed through vivid memories kept safe within myself. The lack of his presence still weighs in my heart and leaves a hollow space. I miss his piercing eyes, his barking as my car pulls into the driveway, his unbeatable soccer skills, his comfort during gloomy days, the way he sniffed the roses in our garden, the way he sat out in the yard and stared up at the sky, also his napping by my feet while I stayed up late doing homework; all this among many other things about him. He was a natural mystic, flowing through my life bringing my family and I almost five years of unconditional happiness and love. His life was cut too short, words do not suffice to express how much he is missed.

- Kristel Guzman