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The Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar Pei Rescue Operations takes in dogs from local and distant shelters and owner surrenders only.    We are not involved in dog auctions that sell confiscated dogs from puppy mills.   Most of these occur in the Midwest, we do not have the ways or means (or money) to travel out there.   As most of you already know, we rely entirely on donations to rescue, rehab and place these saved pei in their forever homes.   In all truth, there are more than enough dogs needing rescue in our local, DC, Maryland and Virginia shelters and we do our best to get them out.  

We have brought in dogs from Puerto Rico (there are actually two waiting to come to Maryland) with the help of rescues in Puerto Rico who get the necessary vetting for travel and provide the transportation up here.

As always, 100% of the donations we receive go to the dogs.  Our volunteers spent their own time, money and gas to retrieve these dogs in need and take them to and from the vet appointments. 
Fosters who help us provide the food and love the pei need to help their over come the traumatic circumstances that caused them to be homeless.

We truly appreciate all the monetary help provided by our supporters over the years and can only continue with your help.   Please consider donating today to MACSPRO.