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I rescued Toad 5 1/5 years ago when he was seven months old. I knew then that he would not live to a ripe old age. He always had issues. The was born with extra toes and extra ribs. He had a subluxated patella and he back ankles were hyperextended making him walk like Charlie Chaplin and run like a bunny rabbit. He was blind when we got him from entropian and had a cherry eye. We took care of the eyes immediately and he was able to see after that until the day he died. With all of these issues, he never met a person he didn't want to adopt and no person ever met him that they didn't want to adopt him. He put up with the "lady" Shar-Peis in the house - all three of them and he loved face squishies. If you scratched him on his chin, he would slowly lean backwards until he fell over. A year ago he was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and two cancerous tumors on one lung. I was told if he were anything other than a Shar-Pei, they would give him 2 weeks to 2 months to live. For Shar-Pei, they just didn't know. He continued to be a happy carefree guy until he I had to say goodbye nearly one year later, one week shy of his 6th birthday. The vet said he would always remember Toad as his favorite Shar-Pei ever. Everyone that met him felt the same way. He didn't live a long life but he touched the hearts of many and he lived his years a happy boy.

I miss you, Toad
- Deb Pope -