Lola & Khloe

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Lola & Khloe ...
we drove 13 hours to get them and it was love at first sight! 

Khloe u were snuggled up to the space heater and didn't want to leave that warm spot! Lake Gaston became the new home of this Florida girl. We discovered winter was not your thing and you soon owned a collection of sweaters, coats and fleece hoodies larger than mom and dad's combined. Your favorite was the hot pink with tassels..we know because it fit your sassy sweet personslity.  Your amazing personality is hard to describe other than one of a kind! 

Although you could barely see, you were the best soccer player we knew! 

Khloe did not greet people with the typical "hi everyone I'm so happy to see you!". She ran to greet people with "hi everyone I know your happy to see ME!" special! there will never be another Khloe. 

Lola..I just couldn't leave you behind. That little wiggle butt and wrinkly face you looked like a baby wart hog. 

In your own world with no blood family and looking towards a future of only being bred...I knew we had to get you out of there! 

No matter what measures we went to, you never could be stopped. You were the Forest Gump of Shar-Pei. You just ran yourself to death..literally! You became our little brick house with your solid muscular frame, our swimmer..who said Shar-Pei don't like water!! You even had your own baby pool to lounge in on hot days! You stole daddy's heart and became his hard-headed sidekick.

Lola you were Khloe's eyes and we know you are guiding her still. I hope you are not dragging her off and leaving her like ypu used to do!!

Avid travelers, you were known at many hotels where you walked in like you owned the place. Always good well behaved girls to take anywhere we went!

Your lives were so full even though you girls were only on this earth 2 short years!! We have missed you both dearly. More than words could ever express. We know you are together! Sissys furever! 

Sending our love and hugs - mom & dad