Saya (2001 - 2014)

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SAYA (253-04) SharPei-scent hound mix. 

I learned of her thru the Petfinder.Com website, and went to visit her and take her on a slow extended walk. I told Saya's MACSPRO foster mother that I would like to adopt Saya (aka "Baby" at the time) whenever the vet would release her, about 3 months hence. Six weeks later Pam called and said the vet would release her early IF she was kept indoors or on a leash while outside.
So began a 9+ years odyssey starting with a 400 mile drive broken by an overnight stop with a McDonalds naked cheeseburger for supper (bun,burger,cheese, no 'garbage')  Saya became an excellent companion and alert dog.  Everyone she met almost always commented on how beautiful she was,particularly her face. Her diversity just added to her appeal.  3/4 mile morning walks in a semi-rural setting as well as 1-1/4 mile ll PM security patrols thru a 31 building  600 college students housing complex were the highlights of her day. Because of her scent hound mix, she always walked with her nose on the ground so the nightly walks could be 45 to 90 minutes depending upon the smells to investigate.  She eventually learned that only chipmunks and voles were catchable, and had to forego the deer, rabbits, cats, squirrels, fox, birds, opossum and fortunately the skunks she came across. Frogs and toads were of no interest at all. She enjoyed car rides, could stay alone all day if need be, and romped in Canadian snow each January.
Her health was non-eventful until the last month. A diagnosis of a malignant stomach tumor that appeared to have metastasized outside that organ was judged to be beyond prudent treatment. We had three weeks to prepare for a peaceful ending with me holding her as she departed.
A few days after, I came home  mid afternoon to find a rainbow anchored in the woods behind our house where our morning walks always started, arcing skyward to invisibility. I can only think it was  Saya indicating, "Hey Boss, I'm O.K., and Thank You". 
Enjoy, Saya, and RIP.  Andrew  aka The Boss