Annabelle (#587-17)

donation needed sharpei

***ADOPTION PENDING*** MACSPRO is marking Annabelle as pending adoption because we have received so many adoption applications for this little love.  You can still help Annabelle by DONATING to her medical bills for her pyoderma on her face.  MACSPRO cannot thank everyone for their interest and we hope you stick around to see who comes next needing your love, support, and applications for foster and adoption!  If you would like to donate towards Annabelle's skin care please Click Here and put Annabelle in the comments

Oscar (#568-17)

Oscar was found as a stray and currently has 2 ruptured eardrums that require daily medication to begin healing. He needs a loving sharpei experienced home to nurse him back to health.  His foster family say 'This dog is a keeper!  Smart, and gets along wonderfully with the other dogs'.  Oscar still has a lot of puppy in him and can jump twice his height like a mountain goat.  Just an awesome boy!  Oscar does great with children of all ages, however we suggest no children under 14 due to his painful ears and little ones can hug and tug everywhere.  Currently unknown how long and often he will need ear medication.
Oscar was examined by our vet who discovered both eardrums ruptured as a result of severe ear infection.  He currently has a foster home taking Oscar to the vet for his weekly ear treatments and could use a forever home to give him some love & TLC. 
If you are not able to foster or adopt Oscar but what to help him please consider a ***DONATION*** for his medical care for both infected and ruptured ear drums.  He is currently receiving weekly treatments at the vet to get both ears massive ear infection under control.  Once the infection is under control the vet can begin to care for both ruptures.  Even in as much pain as Oscar is in he is still a fantastic playful loving little boy!  Let's give it up for Oscar... gimme an Ooooooooo..... gimme a S....gimme a C....gimme an A.... gimme an R.......... Gooooooooo OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!   We're with ya buddy.  Keep up the great work!!  Hang tight and keep the faith.  MACSPRO will be sure you get the care you need.  If you would like to donate towards getting Oscar's double ear infection/ruptured eardrums Click Here and put Oscar's name in the comments

A SPECIAL THANK YOU!!!!!!  MACSPRO would like to thank Deb Kachik of Deb Kachik Photography for volunteering to take some of the beautiful photo's you see of Oscar.  Thank you so much Deb, you really help bring out Oscar's adorable Pug eye's and handsome stature. 

Update (3/24/17): Because of his current ear condition, we do not recommend a home with children under 14

MaiMai (#578-16)

MaiMai came into Fairfax County Animal Shelter as a stray.   She’s very fearful,  probably due to her limited vision and is scheduled for corrective eye surgery & spaying.  Once comfortable, a very loving young girl who needs a loving home.  She is 50 lbs.  

Update (3/2/17): Mai Mai would do best as the only dog in the home and an experience Shar Pei owner. 

Update (12/31/16): MaiMai has found a foster in Annapolis. Still looking for her forever home!

Update (12/10/16); She still needs a foster or forever home.  She’s 6 years old and had a rough previous life and could use a loving home and someone to snuggle up with. 

Update (11/02/2016): Mai Mai had work done on her eyes and is a sweet loving girl that could use a foster home.