Hampton Go's to the Ballgame!!!

The Bowie Bay Sox, a Baltimore Orioles baseball farm team, is a big supporter of Dogs in need.  Every Sunday, when playing at home, they sponsor a "Diamond Dog" event.  The Diamond Dog is a rescue dog, in need of a forever home.  On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Hampton, the MACSPRO Shar Pei rescue from Puerto Rico (via All Sato Rescue), was invited to be the Diamond Dog.  Benefits include free admission to the game (they won 6-5), and a special pre-game, in-depth, interview ON THE FIELD, with the Bay Sox announcer, Paul.  The interview is projected onto the JumboTron for the entire crowd to see and hear!!!  Hampton was a hit and dozens of people came up to "meet 'n greet" him during the game. 


Paul is particularly good at interviews and was able to draw information out of Hampton, not ordinarily known. Who would have guessed that Hampton was a finalist in the Puerto Rican National Spelling Bee, as a PUPPY???  Also hard to believe, with that crooked front leg, that he is a Master ice-sculptor, and once did the centerpiece for the annual Nice Film Festival in France!!! 

Since coming stateside, Hampton has a new hobby: Riding Roller Coasters, with a stated goal of doing a roller coaster ride in all 50 states, and any US territory that has one!!!

We are privileged to have such a special dog with us!!!

You go, Hampton!!!

MACSPRO Still in need of Donations!


MACSPRO is in desperate need of funds to pay off some very large vet bills for recent work done on our rescue dogs.   Oscar has had extensive ear surgery,

Annabelle was in quarantine while at the vets for treatment, Doobu had her knee rebuilt that included a complicated TPLO.  Originally it was thought a standard ACL was needed.  In the end Doobu's knee had to be rebuilt to bend in a different way then when she was born and her meniscus was totally gone and absorbed by her body.    VA Tech Vet School did a amazing job.  They even had to remove a large amount of arthritis so there would be a grove for her femur to have a grove in her tibia.  Almost every other dog taken in this year has needed entropin surgery as well as neutering/spaying, clearing up ear issues and getting them all up to date their necessary shots.     Our generous vet has provided the necessary treatment to these dogs so that they would be medically sound before going to their forever homes.   We are so very grateful, but still need to pay our bill!
We totally rely on donations to keep this rescue going.  Without your generosity, we cannot continue to help save these dogs.   We get emails and calls every day from shelters who do not want to put these poor abandoned and neglected dogs down and MACSPRO cannot always step up and take them.  
Please, please if you can dip into your pockets to help make this campaign a great success it would be greatly appreciated.  Remember; 100% of all monies received goes to these Pei!   Our volunteers help defray office, transportation and food costs by donating their time, transportation and own monies to get these dogs up here and to and from the vets.  But we can always use more help and there are always more dogs to save.   Without funding, we are turning away wonderful dogs every day that are being put down by shelters who have no room to keep them.    

Click here to donate!

A Note about Fosters:
We are always looking for reliable foster families to sponsor our dogs.    By fostering a rescue, we are able to keep them out of a boarding kennel and keep that part of our costs down.  By being in a home environment, we are also able to get a better understanding of the shrapei's true personality and they are able to function without the stress & confusion of a kennel.