Meet Ike, our newest Senior Member of MACSPRO.


Over the weekend, we pulled Ike from a shelter in New Jersey.  He's a senior pei that is very skinny but that hasn't hindered his ability to be incredibly sweet.  We are very thankful for Laurie Davis' help in pulling him and getting him to a vet.  He is currently in isolation, getting fluids and caught up on his vaccinations.  We will soon be transporting him to his foster family in North Carolina.  

We are able to help out dogs like Ike thanks to donations from generous donors.  We currently have several pei at the kennel that need fosters.  If you are interested in fostering any of our available pei, please fill out an application.  

If you are unable to help foster, financial contributions of any size would be greatly appreciated, with the current funds, we are unable to keep up with the needs of our current pei.  You are able to donate online or via check. Your checks can be sent directly to:
Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue Operation, Inc.
P.O. Box 34034
Bethesda, MD 20827


Henry & Victor are FINALLY coming this week.

Our cute Henry and Victor are coming in THIS WEEK!!  

Foster families in Puerto Rico have been caring for them, getting them healthy enough to start a new chapter in their lives.   They are now coming to a new Country,  with different weather,  and people that speak a new language (Habla Español)?

Will you help their transition be a gentle change? To become a foster, fill out an application today!


Henry is shy around people but does well in the company of other dogs.


Victor is a sweet boy that loves his food.


Foster Homes Needed! Our Puerto Rico Dogs are Coming Soon

MACSPRO really needs your help to find foster homes! Henry and Victor will be arriving in Maryland soon from Puerto Rico and could really use foster homes or furever homes.  If you would like to help them, please email us at
Henry was a very scared & timid boy when he was brought into rescue. He has been in a foster home for awhile now, getting healthy for his big trip to Maryland. He has been doing very well in the foster home, running and playing as a totally normal dog. When taken out of his foster home for a visit to the staff at All Sato Rescue, he became very timid and wouldn't interact with anyone. He tried to hide behind the plants. He never showed any aggression, he was just shy. Henry could use a foster home here in Maryland and would do best with other dogs in the home to help him relax and be a dog. 


We heard from Victor's foster mom that he is very, very spoiled and loves to get kissed on the cheek. He also loves to ride around in the car--he'll go anywhere! He is active and playful. However, he should be fed alone, because he really, really loves to eat and will try mightily to get into everyone else's dishes. He doesn't bite or growl, but he tries to push them so they understand to move....He's a strong boy, who may not always know his own strength when he's playing with other dogs. His favorite thing (beside getting kisses) is curling up in a really comfy bed.


The vet removed a mass on Victoria's paw and sent it out for biopsy. It shows that she has a grade 1 cancer, which is probably the best kind to get if you have to have cancer. Victoria's cancer is not aggressive and her prognosis is excellent. However, because the mass was situated directly on her paw, where there isn't much extra skin to play with, she ended up with a nasty wound that got infected. She has been staying at the vet's from Monday through Friday where they do a daily routine to remove the patch, which stimulates the skin underneath to grow back. Once she is through this process, they will go back in and remove the so-called dirty borders that were left from the original removal of the mass. Despite all this, she is a happy camper and loves seeing people and getting attention. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion....

Don't forget about our upcoming events! 

04/16/2016 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
04/16/2016 - 7:00pm to 12:00am
​Please contact Patricia Harris (443-974-8416) or Betty Trojan (240-683-1319) for tickets.

Dexter Needs a Foster Home

Dexter is a 4 year old neutered male that has been bounced around to 3 different homes since last summer and really needs a safe home to go to when he comes to MACSPRO.  He is a happy, goofy guy, typical Shar Pei that needs time to trust again. An experienced Shar Pei person would be the best fit for him.
If you could help this guy out and keep him out of the kennel, please go to and submit an on-line foster or adoption application.
Please, fosters in the DC/MD/VA area only.