Our Gang!

Please take a minute to look at our adorable, adoptable gang! All of these dogs are looking for their furever homes and some are still in need of fosters.  Contact us today to meet one of our Shar-Pei soon or at another event.

Simba (#531-15)

Simba is happily staying with his foster family and is starting to come out of his shell. His foster dad is training him and says he is doing great!

Oliver (#532-15)

Oliver is one of the 66 SharPei that were rescued from a hoarder situation in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Oliver is still a bit timid but loves gentle pets to his face. Oliver is receiving heartworm treatment and will be up for adoption once HW is complete. 

Dash (#534-15) 

Dash is our 5 year old Ori-Pei from New York who loves to play with toys. He is good with kids and adults. Dash is looking for a foster or furever home!


China (#535-15)

China is our sweet, 1 year old girl from New York. She needs some time to warm up to strangers. China is looking for a foster or furever home!

Bella (#537-15)

Bella is the newest addition to the MACSPRO gang. She is about 2 years old and loves to run and play with toys. Bella is very friendly. Bella is looking for a foster or furever home!


The Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue Operation, Inc. (MACSPRO) is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies solely on donations. All donations received are used to directly support our dogs and are used to provide food, shelter, transportation and veterinary care expenses. Please consider donating today! 

Foster needed for Dash

Dash is the newest addition to the MACSPRO gang. He is currently being transported to Maryland this Saturday and needs a foster. 

Dash is very sociable and is playful with children. Dash has never lived with other pets but likes to chase stray cats in the yard. Dash is crate trained and well behaved when home alone. He's a bit smaller than most Shar-pei.  Dash needs a nice loving home to help him transition out of shelter life and into a forever home.  If you are ready to foster Dash or would like more information about Dash email us at [email protected]

PetValu Event Cancellation

Ellie and Cassidy are looking for their furever homes!

Ellie, our sweet Sharpei X, is still in search of her furever home! Ellie loves to play, gets along with people and is great with kids. Ellie is looking to be the only dog in the home. 

Cassidy is one of our old rescues from 2012 that came back to us. Cassidy is about 2.5 years old. Although Cassidy needs to gain some weight, she is still full of energy and would love to have a new home. 


MACSPRO will be at PetValu in the Cabin John Shopping Center (7723-7725 Tuckerman Lane, Potomac, MD) this Sunday, February 8th, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. We hope to have both Ellie and Cassidy so please stop by to say hi!

Announcing the Continuation of MACSPRO in 2015

MACSPRO had a board meeting on January 3rd and thanks to the efforts of current volunteers and survey respondents we have concluded we will keep MACSPRO in operation! To accomplish this, we are taking a two-phased approach: 1) we will manage adoptions carefully to ensure we do not take in dogs that are beyond our resource capacity to support until we expand our resource base (of both volunteers and financial resources), and 2) we will take a number of steps to both increase resources and to manage resources more effectively. This may mean that we take in fewer dogs for a short while (hopefully no more than 2 or 3 months), so that we can organize to be able to handle more dogs in the future.

Our first step is to form three key committees to help us shape the future of MACSPRO and we now ask you to spend a couple minutes considering becoming part of one of these new committees! Your time will directly impact this excellent breed of dog that we all love so much and your efforts will be meaningful. Please consider joining a committee by sending us an email stating which committee you feel is best suited for your interests and we will find the right fit!

The three new committees are described below:

The Outreach Committee:

This committee will be responsible for coordinating upcoming events, broadcasting these and pei-related news to our community, and managing our social media. We’ve recruited some bright and talented volunteers to make sure that our community at large is updated regularly as we progress. Ideal volunteers for this committee would be people with a great understanding of and experience with social media, event planning, and other forms of communication. If you are interested joining in the outreach committee, email [email protected]

The Finance Committee:

This committee has been established to including fundraising, grants, and donor development. MACSPRO is 100% run by volunteers and maintaining financial health is crucial. We have a current donor base but we realize we need to do more to cultivate and grow this base. Additionally there are local and national organizations that offer grants to rescues just like us and we need more efforts to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible. Ideal volunteers for this committee would be people with professional and/or volunteer fundraising experience.  If you are interested in joining the finance committee, email [email protected].

The Volunteer Committee:

This committee has been established to better manage our most important resource – our volunteers! By focusing on better recruiting and more efficient managing of our volunteer base, we plan to match time and talents to the appropriate tasks and to spread our important work over a broader volunteer base. We also arrange for the transports of many dogs each year from outside of the MD/DC/VA metro area and this committee will oversee that. Ideal volunteers to help us here would be those who have experience in recruiting volunteers and have project and people skills to match resources with tasks. If you are interested in joining the volunteer committee, email [email protected].


It is important to emphasize that in addition to staffing these committees, we also are looking for people who may not want to be involved in a committee, but who still want to be involved with MACSPRO, including those who may be limited on time and those who can offer “seasonal” assistance for when things get busier than normal.

We again thank all of you who support us and those who gave us feedback to our survey sent last month! We hope you will consider joining a committee and cheers to another year of continuing to save shar-peis!

Meet some of Angie's Puppies


Angie and her puppies will be available for adoption later this month through Knine Rescue. Angie is a little over a year old and we are not sure what mix she is. The DNA panel for Angie's puppies say they are boxer, bulldog, collier and wheaten terrier mixes. If you are interested in Angie or any of her puppies, please email Knine Rescue at [email protected].  Check out a few of the puppies that are waiting for furever homes.  Any available puppies will be joining us at Unleashed in Olney, MD on January 17th.









Happy Thanksgiving from MACSPRO

MACSPRO would like to wish all of our supporters safe travels and a very Hap-Pei Thanksgiving!!

We are so thankful for your support over the years. We rely entirely on your generous donations and the countless hours you have volunteered. Thank you so much for helping us to continue to rescue Peibies!

In addition, if you have a chance, please print out and share the attached 'Our Gang' flyer with your family and friends to help us find Rex, Ellie and Oreo a new home for the holidays!


Lost Shar Pei - Derwood/Olney, MD Area

He ran away on Saturday just before sundown from our home on Applewood Lane in Derwood MD. They have woods behind their house that end at Redland Middle School, Bowie Mill Rd in Olney, and at Muncaster Rd. We are afraid he was picked up by someone because we haven’t seen him in a while and up until wednesday he was spotted in the area at least once a day. HUGE REWARD for information leading to his recovery  

Update: 11/25/2014 Jimmy made it home in time for Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your help.

A Cancellation and Investment Opportunities

We unfortunately have to cancel our appearance at BARCStober festival.  We do not have enough volunteers to coordinate this event.  Instead we would like to invite you to Invest in MACSPRO.

Invest with your time

We currently need more volunteers for the following activities.

  • Dog Walking
  • Fostering
  • Events

If you would like to invest your time with MACSPRO, email us at [email protected]

Invest financially

We are 100% funded by Shar-Pei lovers from around the world.  Without your investments, MACSPRO wouldn't be possible.

Here are a few of the items for which you can invest financially:

  • $15.00 Covers one day/night at the kennel
  • $21.00  Rabies Vaccination

  • $38.00 Necessary shots

  • $68.00 Entropion repair

  • $190.00  Spay/Neuter

  • $378.00 Full Entropion both eyes

Please see the attached flyer for more information or invest here.

Invest while shopping online

You can currently support MACSPRO while shopping online through the following programs:

​​For more information check out our helping online page.


October is for Wine and Pei!

We'd first like to congratulate Taz for finding his furever home this past weekend.  We still have some great pei available, so check them out and foster or adopt one today.

Wine and Pei Events

This Sunday, October 12th,  Denise Lewis will be representing MACSPRO at Paws in the Vineyard.  Contact Denise Lewis if you'd like to help her out.

The following Saturday, October 18th, MACSPRO will be at Howl-o-Wine.  Join us to meet some of our Pei to take home or enter your pup in the costume contest.  Check out the attached flyer for more information.  Printing and posting of the flyer is strongly encouraged.

Donations needed

We'd like to thank all of our past Guardian Angels and funders.  We've been saving a large number of pei recently and at times seen our funds drop down below enough to keep our dogs at the kennel for no more than two more weeks.  Your financial donations and non financial help are greatly appreciated.  We really couldn't do this without you.