Success Stories

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Chloe (#547-15)

Chloe is a sweet 6 yr old girl who came to us from Upstate NY and is waiting for her forever home. She would do best as the only dog in the household. 
Update 2/26/16: Chloe is a very happy girl, always glad to meet you & get 
petted.   She gets so excited she does a little happy dance for you,  and she loves 
Update 6/24/16: Chloe is on her way back to Pittsburgh to her furever home!! Congratulations, Chloe, and her new family!! 

Wilbur (#486-13)

Wilbur 1

Wilbur is a sweet MACSPRO boy who is coming back to us. Wilbur is looking for his new furever home. 

Wilbur absolutely loves spending time with people! He may need lots of time and a slow introduction when dealing with other dogs. His eyes are not the best but he can see when someone is ready to love him.

Cruz (#557-15)


Cruz, previously Thirteen, lived with 2 adults and has been around children ages 6 and up. He plays and jumps up a little rough for toddlers.  He has lived with cats and chases them but was never aggressive or harmful towards them. His behavior is unknown towards dogs. He has lived indoors only and his activity level is medium. Cruz's previous owner describes him as playful, excitable, affectionate, mellow and friendly.

He is trained to eat on command and won't touch his food until his owner says so. He allowed his owner to touch his food bowl and take treats and toys away from his mouth. He takes showers once a week and likes to be brushed. He barks when an unfamiliar person approaches the house or family member.

Cruz is trained to use the bathroom outside 30 minutes after eating. He knows come, sit, give paw, and eat (In English and Chinese). He is trained to lift all paws when he comes inside to wipe off his paws. Cruz is not crate trained but is well behaved when left home alone. He likes to follow owner around the house but doesn't seek much attention. Cruz eats dry food at 5pm once a day.

Update (2/26/16): Cruz is now being fostered, but is still looking for his forever home!

Update (03/2016): Cruz went home with Allison & Cindy to Pearl River NY to live happily in his furever home!  A big thanks to Cori for fostering him.


Update (3/25/2017):

Cruz' family and MACSPRO can't believe it's been an entire year since Laser (formally know as Cruz) has joined his fur-ever home!  Laser could not be more excited that the snow is melting and his squirrel friends are resurfacing.  He still enjoys his walks around the neighborhood exploring with Pete and the his family.  Laser even joins his mom Allison at work every Friday for what all the co-workers call "Laser Fridays".

The family was kind enough to give a generous donation on the MACSPRO website to help further our admirable mission of helping such a loving breed find happy, healthy homes.  The family looks forward to the day they can expand their "pack" and find the right second Pei to join them.

Thank you as always!
Allison, Pete and Laser