Wally (Private Adoption)

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He is  a very healthy blue and white boy a little shy but sweet he is big 55 pounds, 18 inches tall and 3 years old I don't use him for breeding but I don't just want to give him to anyone I love him very much but if I could find him a good farm home or someone who had a lot of fenced in area he loves to run.  He's a little shy but he is a little rammy with me not sure how he would be with small kids he's not mean or aggressive he's just big and bouncy and he has not been on a leash much except to go to the vet. He has all of his shots and very strong and healthy.

Wally is currently at PlentyAWrinkles in Iowa.  For more information contact Todd Fellows either via email or phone (319-795-4023).

Here's a video of Wally

Update (11/2016): Wally has been adopted! 

Estimated Age: 
3 years